Saturday, August 1, 2009

birthday wish list

I some how convinced Max to give me the time of day during cake.
I asked him what he wanted for his birthday.

Max: (EXCITED) I want the toy shopping cart at Target!!
(suddenly remembering that shopping trip. sad)But dad said I can't have it.
Me: (knowing why)why can't you have it?
Max: (heavy sigh) because I ran away in the store and I got in trouble. (pouty lip quiver) so, I guess I won't get anything for my birthday.
Me: oh sure you will. What else do you want for your birthday? let's make a birthday list.
(I write the list silently, apparently Max was worried that I'd get confused.)

The list:
* A BIG toy lion. It's not a real lion, but it is a big toy.
* A big toy elephant. But not a real one, just a toy one.
* A little toy airplane. Red. And blue... Red and blue with a flag on the top.
* A little toy race car. I want it blue. Not a real one. A toy.
* A toy princess with a red face and a blue dress.
and a strawberryvanillacake birthday cake.

so, armed with this list I'll shop this week.
Hopefully I can remember that he wanted the big toy lion, not the real one.


  1. Well at least he knows what he wants ;) So I take it red and blue are his favorite colors?

  2. actually, black is his favorite color.