Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bonding moment with Dad.

Jeff is driving Max home from Nana and Papa's. Nana had taken Max to a fair, Jeff asked about it.

Jeff: so what did you do today Max?
Max: Um, you should just drive and not talk.
Jeff: What?
Max: You have two boys in the car. And when you have two boys in the car you need to concentrate. So you need to drive and not talk.

Sometimes the sweetness overwhelms me.

Friday, September 11, 2009

After leaving Barnes and Noble with two screaming children (Hudson crying because he needed a nap and Max hitting me because I took away his sword --an umbrella) I told Max I needed to talk to him in the car.

Max started to lecture me right away:

Mom, I am your oldest son, and Hudson is my oldest baby and you are my oldest, oldest, OLDEST mom. And that is not how you act in the store. You need to use a nice total voice. AND you need to act nicely because if you don't I will make you go home and I will carry Hudson inside but he will be mighty big so then you will have to do it. And YOU will be in time out because YOU did not behave nicely! And I am your oldest son SO *smacks teeth* you *smack teeth* need to apologize because YOU were not behaving nicely.

there was more but i just cant remember it all. had i not been driving i would have recorded it.b

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Basic food groups.

Max opened up his new package of fake food Jeff bought him and found a black bottle with a small label. He brings it to me.
Max: Mommy, is this wine?
Me: No sweetie, I think it's soda.
Max: oh... (he goes back to the collection of food starts looking through it) Where's the wine?

Friday, September 4, 2009

text from the babysitter.
FWD: Max is sans pants right now, and I have new quotes for you

Everyone's a critic

Max's Observations.

To Oma: Cool dress Oma. It's too to tight.
(in reality she was wondering that herself.)

To Mom while drawing a chalk portrait of her: You have one ear smaller than the other.
(I have long hair which covers my ears, but they very different)

working on his greetings i guess.

I ran inside to grab another cup of coffee and went to join Max on the back porch.
Max turns to me and says
"Hey Mom! Glad you're back."

Thursday, September 3, 2009

uh oh

leaving the playground
Max: Let's make a deal: how about we stay and play a little bit longer.
Jeff: How about we go back home and come back another day.
Max: I have a counter deal...
I don't remember the rest due to laughter.

over heard

I overheard Max playing with his toys, one was a soldier he may have gotten from Mc Donalds "I am Jo-Jo. I am CAPTIAN OF THE WORLD!"

this morning I over heard two of his toy having an argument. "I am the grandest in the world" "no, IIIIII am the grandest in the world"

I think the young man is planning a take over.