Friday, September 11, 2009

After leaving Barnes and Noble with two screaming children (Hudson crying because he needed a nap and Max hitting me because I took away his sword --an umbrella) I told Max I needed to talk to him in the car.

Max started to lecture me right away:

Mom, I am your oldest son, and Hudson is my oldest baby and you are my oldest, oldest, OLDEST mom. And that is not how you act in the store. You need to use a nice total voice. AND you need to act nicely because if you don't I will make you go home and I will carry Hudson inside but he will be mighty big so then you will have to do it. And YOU will be in time out because YOU did not behave nicely! And I am your oldest son SO *smacks teeth* you *smack teeth* need to apologize because YOU were not behaving nicely.

there was more but i just cant remember it all. had i not been driving i would have recorded it.b

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